68% of U.S. employees are not engaged in their work.
Engaged employees stay 5x longer and are 2x more productive.
Only 12% of employees quit their jobs for better pay.
Enabling all employees to thrive will maximize engagement and retention.

Designing dynamic work + learning experiences that enable more people to thrive.

Erica Barreiro

Erica Barreiro, PhD

Future of Work Strategist

Erica Barreiro, future of work strategist, is a trailblazer and change catalyst, helping teams with insights and strategies to anticipate and shape the evolving landscape of work and leverage trends in talent, technology, and workplace practices to design agile and sustainable ways of working and learning for the future. Her expertise in creating inclusive, engaging workplaces and custom-tailored learning and leadership programs stems from her deep understanding of human motivation and learning. Her approach to navigating the complexities of modern leadership and workplace dynamics is characterized by an unwavering optimism and a passion for fostering environments where teams and ideas thrive.

Consulting Services

Future of Work Planning

Provides forward-thinking organizations with insights and strategies to anticipate and shape the evolving landscape of work, leveraging trends in technology, demographics, and workplace practices to design agile, sustainable, and competitive ways of working and learning for the future.


Assisting organizations in comprehensively evaluating, thoughtfully designing, or strategically realigning their company/team culture to drive innovation, enhance employee satisfaction, and lead to better business outcomes.

Leadership program facilitation

Our Leadership Fundamentals Program engages organizational leaders in learning about the landscape of modern leadership, supporting skill development in enhancing team dynamics, driving team engagement and performance, managing conflict, coaching for growth and development, and leading with emotional intelligence.

Leadership program design

Co-creating and implementing customized leadership development programs tailored to the unique needs of an organization, with an emphasis on practical learning experiences to cultivate key leadership skills and strategies.

Learning program design

Co-creating and adapting post-secondary learning programs, aligned with desired outcomes, reflective of current best practices for curriculum and instruction, and designed with multiple stakeholder input and a robust program evaluation plan.

Organizational learning program design

Supporting organizations in developing a tailored educational framework that aligns with an organization's objectives, designed to enhance workforce capabilities, drive performance improvement, and foster continuous learning and development across all levels of the company.

Courageous Leadership Is .


Creating inclusive and engaging workspaces for all.

What People Are Saying

Be Courageous Leadership Values


We approach our work and interactions with genuine passion and care, ensuring that empathy and compassion are at the core of our business decisions.
We choose playfulness and humor to build bonds, enhance team spirit, and foster an environment conducive to learning and creativity.
We embrace humility by acknowledging that there is always more to learn, viewing mistakes as opportunities for growth, and fostering an environment where all employees and partners feel encouraged to share their ideas and improvements.
We partner to jointly develop solutions, leveraging collective intelligence to create products and services that truly meet the needs of our clients
Our culture supports speaking up for what is right, challenging the status quo, and advocating for change when it aligns with our ethical compass and mission.
We maintain a culture of constant learning, asking questions, and exploring new possibilities that challenge our existing knowledge and assumptions.

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